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Neunröhrenbrunnen in Wörrstadt



Wörrstadt is the largest community in the Verbandsgemeinde as far as the number of inhabitants is concerned. There are 7.790 people living here, 716 of them live in Rommersheim – a local district of Wörrstadt. First official documentation of Wörrstadt was in 772 and of Rommersheim in 824.

The community is very favourably situated regarding to transportation facilities – directly at the national Highway A63 with its own exit and with rail connection to the Mayence – Alzey route.

Numerous sights are worthwhile visiting, as for instance the Nine-tube-fountain built in 1608, the Smith-fountain, the Lutheran Lawrence Church with its Stumm organ, a former post station of the Thurn-and-Taxis line of sentries, the historic day-labourer house as well as ruins of the medieval fortifications. The elm trench (Ulmengraben) which surrounds Wörrstadt has been officially acknowledged as a natural monument. It was only a few years ago that all the withered elms where recultivated.

The former City hall (built in the 16 th centuary) and nuemerous attractive half-timbered houses in Rommersheim are of architectural interest.

Wörrstadt is seat of the adiministrative authority of the Verbandsgemeinde and the police station. The school centre offers all educational institutions up to secondary education. Four kindergartens, an institution offering after-school care, three youth clubs and two public libraries contribute to the outstanding conditions for children and teen-agers.

Last but not least, you can totally relax in the neighbouring recreation area called Neuborn with restaurant and open-air dance floor. The open-air swimming pool with a giant water shoot and the newly built sports grounds form part of the Neuborn recreation area which is situated between Wörrstadt and Rommersheim. Further sports facilities are the cycling hall, the shooting-ground 4 open-air tennis-courts and several gymnasiums.

Several doctors, banks, 4 pharmacies and numerous shops contribute to the extraordinary infrastructure of the community.

In the industrial site of about 38 hectares and with direct connection to the National Highway A3 you can find a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises starting with whole-sellers, metal-working up to high-tech services. New enterprises are still welcome!

Since 1986 Wörrstadt is maintaining an active partnership with the French community Arney-le-Duc in Burgundy.

It is always at the end of August / beginning of September that Wörrstadt celebrates its Market Festival and at the third weekend in July the inhabitants of Rommersheim celebrate their kermis.