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Spiesheim _________________________________  

Aussichtsturm in der Gemarkung Spiesheim


The fist official documentation of Spiesheim dates back to the year 770, in connection with a gift of vineyards from the cloister of Lorsch. But historic excavations lead to pre-historic living-caves, potsherd of celtic origin (200 B.C.) as well as earthen vessel and coins dating back to Roman and Franconian settlement. The name “Spiesheim” is probably descended from the franc lord of the manor Spioz.

Spiesheim, with actually 1.005 inhabitants, lies very conveniently between the two National Highways A 61 and A 63. The community comprises an area of about 750 hectares with a difference in elevation of about 100 metres.

The mountain church with its defence tower, built in the 11th century is worthwhile visiting as well as the singing hall with the impressive cupola accommodating up to 400 people.

Although Spiesheim is a small village, it does have a kindergarten, glassworks and even some artists have settled down here.

At the second weekend in July Spiesheim celebrates its kermis.