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Saulheim _________________________________  

Ev. Kirche Ober-Saulheim



Saulheim lies conveniently at the railway route Mainz-Alzey (station) and the Federal autobahn A63 (departure Saulheim) between vineyards. First official documentation of the two independent villages of Upper Saulheim and Lower Saulheim was in 763 in a deed of gift of the cloister Fulda. In 1969 the two villages merged in the course of the administrative reform in Rhineland-Palatinate to the municipality of Saulheim. With 7.319 inhabitants it is the second largest local community within the Verbandsgemeinde of Wörrstadt today. The very favourable position lain on the edge of the important Rhine-Main industrial and trading centre is one of the resaons for the growing popularity of Saulheim as living community for commuters who follows its work in this conurbation. With different building areas the municipality reacts to this development.

Nevertheless agriculture still is of importance here. With more than 500 hectares of cultivated vineyards Saulheim even is the largest wine-growing community in Rhenish Hesse.

Saulheim Ritter-Hundt-Statue

Saulheim, the native place of the famous knight Hundt offers numerous sights:  the Monolith (a very long stone), the castle of barons of Dienheim, three churches, the town hall, built in the 18 th century with stairtower, the Amtshaus (a kind of town hall) built in the 16 th century which today accommodates the local historic museum, as well as the singing hall, a great building for cultural events, which was errected in 1904 with generous donations of an american millionaire, born in Saulheim.

The big sports facilities "knight Hundt centre" with athletic plants were built only a few years ago. There is a big sports hall, a tennis plant with free and indoor courts and other leisure facilities which much are used of about thirty associations and sports clubs.

In Saulheim there are three municipal kindergartens and one instituion offering after-school care, one primary school, a youth house, the catholic public library, banks, doctors, chemist`s shops, numerous companies and shops. And only a few years ago the post established a huge parcel delivery centre in Saulheim. The business centre still offers favourable conditions to enterprises interested in settling down here.

Since 1959 Saulheim is maintaining a partnership with the french community Beire-le-Chatel in the Departement Dijon.

It is always the last weekend in August that Upper-Saulheim celebrates its kermis and the second weekend in September that Lower-Saulheim arranges its wine-kermis.