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Schloss in Partenheim

First official documentation of the village took place in 757, although it seems to be reliable that Partenheim has already been founded by Franks around the year 500. Today there are 1.658 people living here, most of them commuting between Partenheim and their jobs in the Rhine-Main region. Those who are in the favourable position to work in the village itself are mainly occupied in agriculture and viniculture.

Have a look at the Partenheim castle “Wallbrunn” which was sold in 1830 in three parts to inhabitants of Partenheim and has been used since then for living and agricultural purposes. Above the castle you will find the Protestant church “St. Peter” which used to be a famous place of pilgrimage. Although the church nearly completely burned down in 1435, the tabernacle with the Eucharistic hosts miracously remained whole. The new church was built at the end of the 15th century in the late gothic style.