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Gabsheim ______________________________________________  

Katholische Kirche in Gabsheim



First official documentation of Gabsheim was in 763 and it was then called “Caibotesheim” (residence of the franc Gaisbot). Today there are 774 inhabitants living in here. The community is situated in a flat valley in the geographic center of Rhenish Hesse and traditionally marked by agriculture and viniculture.

The first settlement already took place here during Stone- and Bronze Age. You may find various findings of those periods in the historical museums of Mayence and Worms. In the Middle Ages Gabsheim was the regional seat of the catholic clergy and really notorious for its orthodoxy. Even after reformation, when many of the Rhenish Hesse communities turned to the Protestant church, the religious community of Gabsheim has remained Catholic. Their Late Gothic church with its star-shaped vault and heraldic figures ranks among the most beautiful churches in Rhenish Hesse.

Parish and choral hall together are of special importance for communal living and team-spirit.

It is always the third weekend in September that Gabsheim celebrates its kermis.