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Rheinhessische Landschaft

Verbandsgemeinde Wörrstadt -
a multi-layered region in the heart of Rhenish Hesse

The „Verbandsgemeinde Wörrstadt“ covers an area of 11.251 hectares and embraces the communities of Armsheim, Ensheim, Gabsheim, Gau-Weinheim, Partenheim, Saulheim, Schornsheim, Spiesheim, Sulzheim, Udenheim, Vendersheim, Wallertheim and Wörrstadt. Seat of the adiministrative authority is Wörrstadt.

The historic wine district is situated within the gentle hill country between the Rhine terraces and the slightly higher mountains of the so called Rheno-Hessian Switzerland. The whole region is traditionally marked by agriculture and viniculture. 26 % of the surface is covered by vineyards and many of them are really famous. Make up your own mind and get in to one of the numerous very typical wine taverns and restaurants offering their home wines and an excellent cuisine. And if you are too tired to continue your way or if you have already decided to stay here for a while – then you will find a room in one of the hotels or guest-houses or even at one of the wine-growers.

Due to the mild climate the region is blessed with an outstanding number of sunny days, so that even the cultivation of asparagus is possible. The farmers and wine-growers sell their home products at the weekly markets – always on Saturday in Wörrstadt and on Wednesday in Saulheim.

The Infrastructure meets the demands of the inhabitants
And that’s the reason for the constantly increasing number of inhabitants (28.928 survey on 30.06.2007). There are attractive building sites in most of the communities.

Six of them even maintain primary schools. Wörrstadt is the school centre, offering all educational institutions up to secondary education. A regular bus transfer makes it possible that pupils from all the other communities can easily get to their schools. Numerous sports facilities contribute to the excellent infrastructure in the region: There are gymnasiums, two new and attractive sports and leisure facilities in Wörrstadt and Saulheim, an open-air swimming pool with a giant water shoot in Wörrstadt, open-air and covered tennis-courts, a shooting-ground etc. ... In addition, there are of course various cultural institutions such as libraries and three museums (two of them privately managed). Not to forget the more than 200 associations and clubs, organizing outstanding lively and multivarious cultural and recreational activities, and the evening classes (adult education) with a wide ranging offer of study- and leisure-time courses. Last but not least, you can totally relax in the neighbouring recreation area called Neuborn.

Entertainment and happiness
for everybody are guaranteed by a great many of events as there are wine-festivals, the traditional parish fairs, art exhibitions and cultural activities. The outstanding event is the annual wine-festival of the “Verbandsgemeinde” which takes place always on the first weekend in June and is organized by all the communities together but in a different community each year. Thousands of guests from all over the region and even from far away come to join this festival. In 2007 the wine-festival of the “Verbandsgemeinde” will be in Vendersheim.

Witnesses of history
you may find in each of our communities (look at button “tourism”). An interesting collection can be seen in the regional museum (Heimatmuseum) of Saulheim as well as in the two privately managed museums in Armsheim: the arrow-head museum and the doll museum.

Excellent traffic facilities
are of special importance not only for the people living here but also for the enterprises and companies which have settled down in our region. They all highly appreciate the very favourable situation between the two highways A61 and A63 and half-way between Mayence (capital of Rhinland-Palatine and media centre of Germany) and Alzey (an important medium-sized industrial and trading centre of the region). Therefore, these companies do not only benefit from the advantages of a rural site as there are moderate building land prices and acceptable trade taxes, but also from all the positive effects that emanate from two large and strong business centres.


It takes only about 15 minutes by car to get from the two industrial sites of Wörrstadt (38 hectares) and Saulheim (48 hectares) to the Rhine-Main region and about 20 minutes to the Rhine-Neckar region. The motorway to Cologne / Bonn can be reached within 10 minutes and in addition to that there is an half-hourly regional train connecting Armsheim, Wörrstadt and Saulheim to Mayence central station with connection to the inter-city-express trains.

The mixture of branches is balanced

You can find whole-sellers, metal-working, high-tech services, printing industry and paper processing, advertising agencies, graphic and design studios as well as multimedia specialists in every neighbourhood. Within the last few years more than 50 new companies settled down in the industrial site of Wörrstadt, bringing along more than 200 new jobs. In Saulheim a huge parcel delivery centre was established, handling more than 80.000 parcels per day.