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Wallertheim ___________________________________________________

Wallertheimer Glashündchen



First official documentation of Wallertheim was in 1250 and therefore it was in 2000 that  the village celebrated its 750 th anniversary. Nevertheless, it can be taken for sure that the community is much older. Excavations prove that there has been intensive settlement here already in Neolithic age. The most famous proof is a small dog made of glass, which can be visited in the Regional Museum (Landesmuseum) in Mayence.

The village is marked by viticulture and agriculture and actually counts with 1.879 inhabitants. It lies very conveniently at the Federal Highways B420  and L407, only 5 km away from the two important National Highways A61 and A63. A railway and a bus station guarantee a regular connection to all surrounding towns and villages.

Dorfbrunnen in Wallertheim

A primary school, a kindergarten and a privatly organized nursery school contribute to the outstanding infrastructure as well as doctors, a pharmacy, banks and shops. Numerous enterprises have settled down here – just to mention the factory for farming equipment, a malting house, a paper-mill and others.

At the third weekend in September Wallertheim celebrates its kermis.