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Kirche und Kriegerdenkmal in Sulzheim

Sulzheim has been documented for the first time in 766 and is a very typical wine-growing village with 1.107 inhabitants. Their number is steadily increasing due to the new building areas. Sulzheim lies at the Federal Highway B420 and due to its neighbourhood to Wörrstadt, the railway station can be reached within a few minutes only.

It is worth seeing the Baroque church with its pictures of saints and three ornate altars. According to meaning of specialists, they are much too precious for a small village church and therefore probably were made for churches in Mayence.

The Sulzheim athletic club – one of the oldest clubs of that kind in Rhenish Hesse -  meets several times a week in the multi-purpose hall and the 100 years old catholic sacred music chorus as well as the choral society MGF 1885 of Sulzheim are far-famed.

Since 1968 Sulzheim is maintaining a partnership with the french community Ste. Suzanne in the Departement Mayenne.